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 February 10, 2016

First, let me apologize for the Week on the Peak that went out in December with my picture but no content.  That was my fault.  I just needed to add in my text but I didn't do it in time.

As a community leader, I get invited to many different faith-based events.  I'm always proud to represent Mission Peak.  I mention that one of our key tenets is tolerance of other faith-based groups and their members.

In Fremont, this attitude of tolerance is essential to being a good community leader.  We are not only a very ethnically diverse population but a religiously diverse one as well.  Just last weekend the Tri-City Interfaith Council hosted its annual event which featured Catholics, Jews, Muslims, and many other groups.  (Special thanks to Barbara Meyers for
making sure that we were represented as well.)

This year there was a presentation by two Muslims explaining what Islam is all about.  The emphasis on Islam was decided upon due to the ugly political dialogue that we're seeing of late.  Moina Shaiq, a local Muslim activist, started hosting coffee hours entitled "Meet a Muslim" in an attempt to explain to people what Islam is all about.  Unfortunately, this
current political climate has made her feel a need to do so.  Kudos to Moina for this and for all she's done for the Tri-City Interfaith Council.

I also feel a need to speak out about this when speaking at local events.  I feel I have to say that I am one non-Muslim who does not buy into all of the Islamophobia we're seeing.  I'm proud to mention that I'm a member of a congregation that is completely antithetical to that kind of thinking

 Vinnie Bacon
This Sunday's Service - February 14, 2016

Every Soul, Blessed and Made Whole               
By taking a stand out of love we bear witness. In taking a stand, we not only honor others and lift them up, but also heal our own brokenness and find deeper integrity.            

Leading the service will be Rev. Sonya Sukalski and Worship Associates Allysson McDonald. 
Music will be provided by Eric Niessner.  
Share the Plate - OneChild
Share the Plate for February

This Sunday, February 14th is Share the Plate Sunday. We will be welcoming our very own Tony Dutra to come and speak about his non profit, OneChild. OneChild is an organization dedicated to providing disadvantaged children with new clothing and school supplies. OneChild began in Fremont, California and now serves families throughout the Bay Area. Their goal is to promote self-esteem in underprivileged children, so they may appreciate their individual worth. OneChild offers a variety of volunteer opportunities. They also welcome monetary donations of any amount. Especially appreciated are gift cards to Payless Shoe Source in $20-$25 denominations. 
OneChild will be having their annual fundraiser on May 13th at Spin a Yarn restaurant in Fremont. To find out more, go to http://onechildca.org.  If you are interested in giving to OneChild, we will be collecting  donations this coming Sunday.  All cash will go directly to the organization, and checks can be made out to "OneChild".  
Last month's non profit, The UUSC (Unitarian Universalist Service Committee) earned $825. With the matching grants included, our congregation donated an unbelievable $1,625!  Thank you so much for your generosity!  If you have any suggestions for local non profits which you would like to see highlighted during our monthly share the plate program, please contact Natalie Campbell at nataliehcampbell@yahoo.com.
UUA Women and Religion Retreat
UUA Women and Religion Retreat

This year's fabulous UUA Women and Religion Retreat is March 3-6 at Enchanted Hills Camp, nestled in the hills above Napa. The theme this year is "Connections." If you're a first-timer to this retreat, the cost is only $150 for 2 nights lodging and 7 meals (there is an optional 3rd night available.) Give yourself this well-deserved gift of reflection and relaxation.

Registration and additional details about the retreat are at www.womenandreligionpcd.org . Contact Mary Ann Davis, 510-828-9104, or balkandans@yahoo.com, for additional information.

*early bird pricing is available until February 1, 2016.  Deadline to register is February 22, 2016.
* First-timers rate is good throughout registration. 
Adult Education - Spring 2016
Request for Class Proposals - Adult Education - Spring 2016

The Adult Education Committee is seeking proposals for classes for the Spring quarter - April through June of 2016. This is an opportunity for you to share what you know with others.
Past topics have included Buddhist meditation, healthy eating, art and spirituality, the Enneagram, joy of movement, and celebration of the sacred feminine. Classes can vary from one-time events to meeting every week.
How can you submit a proposal? Contact Linda Messia at 510 792-1539 or email her lmessia@yahoo.com with your course information.
Please submit your proposal no later than February 10th. Thank you!
Sunday Services Volunteers
Sunday Services Committee

We are in need of a volunteer on the 2ndSunday of the month for the position listed below.

Please contact  Yvonne Hughes, Sunday Services Team Coordinator @yvonnehughes47@comcast.net if you can help.


1. Someone to help with Set-up on the 2nd Sunday (Work with partner)

Community Office Hours
Rev. Nickel's upcoming dates

I am always interested in suggestions for new places, times and ways that this could work better for you, so if you have an idea, please drop me a line, it is as easy as clicking right here.  And of course I am also always available by personal appointment all days except Monday.

Coffee Hours will resume in April 2016  
Mission Peak UU
Calendar of Upcoming Events

February 7
 LEAF Stone Garden Work Party 10-12 pm
  7-9 pm
LEAF Stone Garden Work Party 10-12 pm

 6-8 pm
Worship Meeting 11:30 am (Cole Hall)
Owl Workshop
 2:30-5:30 pm

Sing-a-long with Jo Ann and Jackie 7-9 pm
7-9 pm

Who We Are

Mission Peak Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fremont was founded in 1993. We are a member congregation of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.


Mission Peak members determine its policies, choose its minister, and support it financially.


We affirm and promote these UUA Principles and Purposes:

  • The inherent worth and dignity of every person
  • Justice, equity and compassion in human relations
  • Acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregations
  • A free and responsible search for truth and meaning
  • The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in our society at large
  • The goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all
  • Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part

We invite you to join us and add your commitment to ours. Mission Peak is a living and changing congregation, responsive to the spiritual needs of its members. With the leadership of our minister, we search for ways to fulfill ourselves as individuals and as a community. Joining us is a commitment to this process. 


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